Urban Planning in Europe

DOWN TOWN BELGRADE: Master, Comprehensive, Reconstruction and Infill Urban Plans of the Capitol City (circa 20 plans)
RECONSTRUCTION AND REBUILDING of Krnjaca a northern suburb of Belgrade, Master Plan – 1,100 acres
TWO IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, 15 miles along Sava River, west of Belgrade, Master Plan (150 sq. miles)
INDUSTRIAL ZONE and WASTE WATER RECYCLING PLANT  in Sombor, Master Plans (together 940 acres)
FACTORIES for: leather, sugar, ceramic, metal fixtures, fabrics and furniture, 10 Agricultural Farms, Canal Cargo Port in Kula, all Comprehensive Plans
Two RECREATIONAL CENTERS in Kula, Comprehensive Plans (together 940 acres)


BEJAIA CITY, Master Plan for “Sidi Ahmed”, a suburb of the city for 11,000 units and 60,000 inhabitants


HAJI IOANIOU UNIVERSITY, Master Plan for construction of a new 5,000 students university that will fit into surrounding natural-cultural venues of Trodos Mountain



MAKEEWKA, Ukraine, Master Plan for part of the City – 12,000 inhabitants


STAROKONSTANTINOV, Ukraine, Master Plan for part of the City – 16,000 inhabitants


DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, Master Plan for part of the City – 8,000 inhabitants

MOSKOW, Russia, Master Plan for Water Supply Plant Station for 2,000,000 inhabitants

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